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In this tale of unshakeable dreams, the songs of King Crimson may contain hidden messages, a country road seems to stretch timelessly into the distance and the firm earth in the backyard may well turn into quicksand. Molly O explores an unstable world where nothing is certain except what we hope for.

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spoilers small borderAt an open-air clinic, the enigmatic twist of Dr. Mahlon Locke sets events into motions that trickle down through time until they become a relentless flood:

An unrepentant dreamer with one short leg finds solace in beautiful shoes. A celebrated author points to a shelf of useless words and a loaded gun. A sharp-tongued scriptgirl clings to the scent of Easter lilies. Guided by ephemera, a young woman reconnects these spoiled lives in a sensuous bid to save herself.

Punctuated by factoids and vintage postcards, Spoilers confronts the fleeting nature of fame, the undying need of people to believe and the consequences of choosing art over love.

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kissing the damned smallIn 13 linked stories,  Kissing the Damned explores love, loss, friendship, meaningful work and how to cut the lawn with an electric mower without running over the cord.

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