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Mark Foss

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My essay appears in the June 2017 (and second-last) issue of Numéro Cinq, an erudite on-line journal created by Douglas Glover and already terribly missed.


Here are links to radio programs I developed on Progzilla Radio related to progressive rock (a genre of music that is playfully skewered in my novel Molly O). They were edited and produced by Andrew Wild, broadcaster, playwright and host of the Progzilla Files (see "Press" for Andrew's review of the novel and an interview with me.)

Episode 20: The Beatles' influence on prog rock

Episode 22.1: The Words and Music of Bill Bruford

Episode 27: Love and Theft/All Creatures Great, Small and Imaginary

Episode 29: Time + Elegies and Requiems

Episode 32: Trainspotting + For a Thousand Fathers

Episode 37: An Hour of Days: An Index of Elements

Episode 40: On Restless Seas

Episode 42: Let's Dance + Slumber Party

Episode 51: God + America

Episode 58: Proggy Women


Signing event for Molly O on Saturday October 15 at Books on Beechwood in Ottawa.

Reading from Molly O at Cote Saint-Luc Public Library on September 8 with three other Montreal writers as part of the Writers Out Loud program managed by the Quebec Writers' Federation.

May 10, 2011- May 8, 2013

Taking commas out.


May 9, 2013 - May 6, 2016

Putting commas in.