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Mark Foss

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A visit "home" to CKCU at Carleton University, where I produced and hosted a film/video public affairs program in the mid 1980s. My interview runs from 44:13 - 56:35 in the link below. Click "Listen Now".

"A darkly humorous tale of sibling rivalry and devotion."

The character of Hoss in Molly O is a progressive rock aficionado. Picking up on this theme, Andrew Wild, UK-based broadcaster and playwright, invited me to choose my favourite progressive rock songs for his monthly show The Progzilla Files. The link below to "Mark Foss's Desert Island Prog" is a two-hour podcast featuring 90 minutes of music and a half hour interview about Molly O and how the songs I chose connect (or not) to the novel.

“Fascinating, well-told… a wonderfully imagined piece of fiction”, Andrew Armitage, Owen Sound Sun Times, 2 July 2016.


My conversation with Brad de Roo about Molly O in carte blanche, a Quebec-based virtual arts journal, moves from the pumpkin patch of Charles Schulz to the dream-like fiction of Bruno Schulz, by way of Bonanza.

"...finely drawn characterizations and attention to detail and an elegance of writing". Listen to an audio review of Molly O by Andy Wild, a UK-based playwright and broadcaster, host of The Progzilla Files on Radio Progzilla. He has interspersed the review with progressive rock music (which runs through Molly O). How many songs can you identify?